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This is an exploration of the ephemerality of memory; how the future flowing into the past becomes an endless production of the past.

VR Installation


Our physical surroundings, a world of objects, bodies, and structures, are not as solid as they seem to be. In the virtual reality exhibition, Memory Palace (working title), visitors are invited to explore a virtual world that emphasizes the ephemerality and impermanence of our environments and the similarly shifting nature of memory, playfully encouraging them to engage their senses in new ways. These new ways of engaging, and in turn understanding, help create a more nuanced and complex understanding of our interactions and, often invisible, dynamics within our everyday environments.


While wearing a custom haptic jacket which sends vibrational feedback through the body, participants enter the Oculus headset to find a single-user virtual world composed of 3D scanned sights and soundscapes of Berlin.

Visitors learn to navigate the space and interactive elements, while exploring the memory world of Ismail. They move through a reactive environment layered with various memory objects from the artist and see walking particle bodies, traces of past visitors.

Below: Visitors create their own sound + haptic experience by walking and subsequently revealing their own path in a fragmented Tempelhof Feld inspired environment.

Subsequently, as visitors listen and feel the playback of their creation, they come to understand that a part of themselves will become part of this virtual reality project.

Memory Palace
Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 4.50.43 PM_1.tif

The headset teleports us from a blank space into a seemingly unfamiliar world...

Exhibition Space
Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 10.03.29 PM.png

Visitors are invited to play and discover through immersive virtual worlds. This living archive is a collective memory experiment, with contributions from each visitor.

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